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Buyers Representation

Buyer Representation Services available from Live Oak Realty & Auction.

Afte over 25 years in the Real Estate Brokerage business I have decided to specialize in offering Buyers Representaion Services to buyers looking to acquire rural properties in Central Texas as well as the Hill Country and Southwest Texas areas. On a case by case business I will discuss working with buyers in other areas as well. I will still be offering a limited number of ranches for sale as the listing agent.

Why use a Buyer's Broker? Consider these facts from TREC form OP-K

Information About Brokerage Services

Before working with a real estate broker, you should know that the duties of a broker depend on whom the broker represents.

If the Broker represents the owner:

The listing broker is the owners agent. A broker who acts as a subagent represents the owner in cooperation with the listing agent. A listing broker or subagent can assist the buyer but does not represent the buyer and MUST place the interests of the OWNER FIRST. The buyer should not tell the owner's agent or subagent anything the buyer would not want the seller to know because an owner's agent must disclose to the owner any material information known to the agent. A few examples might be a buyer telling an owner's agent they are willing to pay full price but offer less, the owners agent must inform the owner of this, or maybe the buyer tells an owner's agent that they only have a limited time left to act on a 1031 exchange, once again the owners agent must pass this along to the owner, and last but not least the buyer shows great emotion in wanting a paticular property and tells the owners agent this, once again this must be passed on to the owner.

If the broker represents the Buyer:

The broker becomes the buyer's agent by entering into an agreement to represent you, the buyer. A buyer's agent can assist the owner but does not represent the owner and MUST place the interests of the BUYER FIRST. The owner should not tell a buyer's agent anything the owner would not want the buyer to know becase a buyer's agent must disclose to the buyer any information known to the agent.

With A Buyers Representation Agreement you are considered A Client & I represent You, the Buyer. Without A buyers Representaion I represent the Seller and you are considered a customer.

My duties to you as a Client include:

Honesty, complete loyalty to your needs, keep all you information confidential so you can talk freely, full disclosure of all facts and information, provide you with advice and opinions along with the facts, provide an "opinion of value" CMA on potential properties along with price counseling, make suggestions in your best interest, prepare offers and  negotiate on your behalf, attempt to strengthen your negotiating position and attempt to solve problems and close the transaction to benefit you, THE BUYER.

If you are my Customer the following is my requirements:

Honesty, Complete loyalty to Seller, relay to Seller all information gained from Buyer, disclosure of only material facts regarding properties discussed, cannot give Buyer an "opinion of value" CMA, or price counseling unless it supports the Seller's listing price, Suggestions must be made to benefit the Seller, negotiate on behalf of the Seller while attempting to strengthen the Seller's negotiating position and attempt to solve problems and close the transaction to benefit the Seller.

As you can see the Buyer benefits greatly by having a Buyers Representative and being A CLIENT instead of a customer. After all you, The Buyer, is the one bringing the $$$$$$ to the deal!

Some of the services we can provide for our CLIENTS include:

Preview properties that might be of interest to you and provide you with accurate descriptions. This keeps you from spending your valuable time looking at properties that are of no interest to you.

Show all properties that meet your criteria regardless of who has them listed or if they are For Sale By Owner properties. Provide you with accurate CMA's - Comparable Market Analysis to assist in your purchase decisions.

Keep you informed as to new properties coming on the market and market trends of the property types you are interested in.

Arrange for outside vendors as needed to assist in your transaction.

With your own agent you have someone working with your best interests in mind throughout the transaction. Give us a call and let us go to work for you!